If you are dissatisfied with a fatty skin fold in the region of your anterior abdominal wall, you need its removal – abdominoplasty. If it is markedly sagging, you need the removal of the cellulocutaneous flap from the navel to the pubic followed by the bringing down of your skin. The navel is formed in a new site (complete abdominoplasty). The removal of cellulocutaneous flap without the navel relocation is called mini abdominoplasty. These operations are often combined with removal of fatty tissues above your navel and on your waist. As a rule, I perform muscle-enhancing surgery to strengthen the anterior abdominal wall and hernial apertures. As a result, you get a trim belly with a well-defined waistline. Postnatal stretch marks in the bottom part of your belly are removed with the cellulocutaneous flap. The scar remains within the bikini region. If the post-operative care is correct and you follow our recommendations, the scar will be thin and inconspicuous. In the pre-operative period you have to wear a special belt for 2 weeks before surgery and 1 month after surgery and limit your physical activity.