The Reduction of the Small Lips of Pudendum

Modern women try to achieve perfection in everything. The correction of the small lips of pudendum is very important in the sphere of intimacy

The congenital hypertrophy or postnatal deformation of the small lips of pudendum causes discomfort and constraint in sexual relations. For some of my patients this state is an impediment to possible acquaintance and family formation, and some patients feel discomfort while wearing sports clothes and bathing suits.

The surgery is performed under local or general anaesthesia (it is the patients’ choice) and presupposes the proportional excision of the small lips of pudendum (the patients can define volume themselves) and placing special sutures.

2-3 weeks after the surgery its signs are barely visible. In the post-operative period you have to restrict your sexual activity and practice the careful hygiene of your external genitalia for 2-3 weeks.